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Veterans Services

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Career/Personal Development Assistance

In Real Life Enterprises is committed to helping veterans find sustainable employment opportunities. We network with local employers and vocational training programs, as well as providing coaching to help our veterans become job ready.

These services include:

-Work readiness training
-Resume preparation
-Job search assistance

-Specialized employment assistance is also available for female veterans and veteran families.

-Career assessments and employability tests
-Online application assistance
-Interview preparation and self-esteem mentoring
-Job application assistance in-person
-Advocacy to resolve legal issues affecting employability
-Filing for unemployment/YourStateJOBS website assistance
-Researching and/or applying for school and training opportunities, financial aid, scholarships and grants.

We offer some discounted Business Consulting and Services to all of our veterans. Discounted Veterans Liaison Services when you become a Veteran Business Affiliate to all businesses.

Veterans Resources

*** Food Services

*** Volunteer Availability

*** Benefit Application Assistance

*** Information for Emergency Need (When Available)

*** Christian Counseling

*** Grants & Loans

*** Career Development and Some Job Placement

We are here to provide local resources and other pertinent information for  Veteran Businesses as well as Veterans and their families.